Tips for Spiking in Volleyball

A volleyball spike or attack is a strategy which is used to send the ball over the net to the opponent in such a way that the ball is not returnable. The spike is hit with a great force at a downward angle. The game here is to strike the ball forcefully towards the floor of the opponent’s court of the net. Here are few tips for spiking in volleyball. Please keep in mind that you need a pair of good volleyball shoes for better performance at the court.

Volleyball Attack

Get into your position

In order to strike the ball over the net, one must be a front row player as it is more effective to strike the ball from the right or left side at a sharp downward angle. You must position yourself behind the 10- foot line- the attack line, irrespective of whether you are spiking the ball from the right or left front position. The player can start near the middle if he/ she is tall or can jump higher.

Keep a watch on the setter

The player who plays from the center position will get the ball high in your direction, and arc it so that it falls closer to the net in a position such that it makes it easy to spike it to the other side. You’ll start your approach after the ball is set.

Assume the correct stance

A player should face the ball and bend their knees so that they are ready to move. If the player is left handed, their left foot should be set back from their right foot and vice- versa.

Taking your first step towards the ball

A player should take a strong first step with their left foot in the ball direction if he or she is right- handed. If the player is left- handed, then do the reverse.

Taking a second powerful step

A right-handed player must step with his/ her right foot to build speed (left foot for left handed player) and swing their arms back behind for them to prepare for the strike. The distance of the second step will vary according to the position of the ball.

Taking a final step to square your feet

Step again with the left foot (if right handed and vice versa) and end with your feet shoulder width apart and knees bent. The arms should be swung back behind.

Jump as the ball falls into position

As the last step lands, the player’s body should be turned at 30 degrees from the net with their hitting shoulder further from the net. Jump explosively upwards and swing the arms forward at the same time to jump high into the air. Strikes are powerful if the jumps are higher.

Rear your hand back to strike

Once the height of the jump is reached, the arms should swing above the head. Pull back your right elbow and bend it at a ninety-degree angle; this makes the hand at head level now.

Hit the ball with the center of your hand

Keep your hand open with the fingers all together. Then rotate your arm at the shoulder and whip your forearm forward to move your hand quickly toward the ball and make contact. Snap your wrist downward to impart top spin and direct the ball down into your opponent’s court.

Next try to hit the ball at the height of your jump to maximize the power of the strike. Bring your arm down “through” the ball and next to your body. One cannot touch the net, carry or hold the ball even for a second as it is against the rules. You should bring your arm back towards your body after the strike so as to avoid a penalty.

Bend your knees when your feet hit the ground

Bending your knees when your feet hit the ground helps you regain balance and avoid an injury.

Getting back into position

If the opposite team returns the ball, you’ll need to be more active. Drop back from the net and get back to your ready position.

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